17th Gathering of Lodges St Andrew/s of Scotland

On the 18th March 2017 We had the privilege of hosting the the 17th Gathering of the St Andrew/s Lodges of Scotland. This event was attended by the PGL of Glasgow and 151 Brethren from within and out with the province of Glasgow. An Entered Apprentice Degree was carried out on the Candidate Stephen Bonham By Reigning Masters and PMs of 15 of the St Andrew lodges. The Degree was carried out to the highest standard and was amazing to witness, as the lodges from different provinces with different workings came together perfect without any practice. Another memorable day and a Huge success for our lodges as we celebrates the Lodges 150th anniversary year. We were also honored to welcome two visiting Brethren from France Bro  Michel BLANC. (GLNF)
WL James Hector Mac Lean N°1238 O:. Narbonne (France)
WL St Andrews n°1018 O:. Narbonne (France)
WL L’Alliance Fraternelle
N°1845 O:. Carcassonne (France)

The lodge would like to thank everyone who made this a Special day.

17th Gathering of the Lodges of St Andrew / St Andrews 18th March 2017

This Saturday the 18th March at 1pm Lodge St Andrew Glasgow 465 will hoist the 17th Gathering of the lodges of St Andrew/s. This is something special as the degree team is put together from the reigning Masters of the lodges who are from all over Scotland and considering that they work different rituals it’s fantastic to witness this degree and see how it all comes together. They will confer an entered apprentice degree on one of our candidates, This will be some introduction into Freemasonry for him. All Brethren will be made welcome, come along help us make it a memorable day for the candidate and also for the lodge on it 150th year. Their will be a free harmony afterwards with the usual bumper raffle. We meet at Eastmuir Masonic Hall
1543-1549 Shettleston Road

G32 9AS

Telephone: 0141 778 1959

150th Anniversary Celebrations

On Saturday 4th February 2017 the lodge celebrated its 150th year of the granting of it’s charter. 113 Brethren came along to the re-dedication from within and outwith the province of Glasgow. the re-dedication was carried out by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow headed by the RWPGM Bro James Campbell Peddie. This was done to the highest of standards and it was a pleasure to see this carried out by the Brethren of the PGL, the lodge would like to thank all of the Brethren of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow who attended and also a massive thank you to the Brethren who came along and made this a most memorable day for the lodge, which will go into the history books as being a very successful day. We would also like to say a well done to all the members of the lodge who made this day possible. The day was followed by a evening Dance/karaoke night which was also a sell out and a great night. All the Brethren of the lodge have to be commended for all their efforts on the day.

Christmas lunch

On Saturday the 26th November 2016 the Brethren of the lodge accompanied by some of our good friends had lunch and some drinks in the city center. This was the first time the lodge has done this for a number of years, and it was was a very successful day. It has been proposed that this once again becomes a yearly event. Great day thanks to all who came along.