Lodge St Andrew 465


RWM James Antony Campbell opened the lodge and welcomed all the brethren. Thereafter the D.O.C PM Stuart Ballard retired and returned with a deputation from Lodge Scotia Glasgow 178 headed by the RWM Andrew Green was welcomed in the usual manner. The D.O.C then retired and brought in a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow headed by SPGM James McMillan. Lodge Scotia 178 headed by RWMM Bro Stuart Hay then advanced 2 brethren Bro Drew McCallion and Bro Walter Stirling to the rank of MMM. Afterwards the SPGM bro James McMillan paid tribute to the degree team. PM Stephen Hoy replied on behalf of the ceremonial team.
The deputation from Provincial Grand Lodge retired. Lodge Eastmuir were congratulated on raising the fantastic sum of £13531 for the Neonatal unit at Princess Royal Maternity
RWM bro James Antony Campbell closed the lodge in due and ancient form and asked the brethren to return for some hospitality
70 brethren signed the book.

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